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Our local producers

Aurora Mountain Farm

Our core business is food. We raise meat chickens, pigs, beef, eggs and garlic. We grow as much of our own feed as possible and sometimes have a little extra to sell. We have invested in heritage breeds, including chickens developed for raising on pasture. We keep Tamworth, Berkshire, and Large English Black pigs.

Bean North Coffee Roasting

Since 1997 we have been roasting certified organic fair-trade coffee in the northern boreal forest of the beautiful Takhini Valley. We offer coffee lovers a sustainable choice: premium quality certified organic and fairly traded coffees from around the world.

Billy Bucket's Apothecary

Wild harvest, small batch, hand crafted salves, washes, liniments, tinctures, balms, vinegars and herbal oils collected and fashioned in the Yukon forest.

Elemental Farm

Undergoing transition to becoming certified organic, our produce is also available at Fireweed Market (Thursdays in summer), through a CSA Box program, at local restaurants, Farmer Robert's as well as at farm gate. We raise chicken, turkey and rabbit available by order in the spring.

Fox Ridge Farm

Fox Ridge Farm is a family run farm. We care about the conditions and lives of our pigs, chickens and turkeys. To get the best meat means treating the animals humanely and giving them free range, healthy, happy lives. Free-range eggs are available all year round. Chickens are available late July/early August, turkeys in September, pork in the spring and fall. Weaner piglets are available in April/May. Like us on Facebook to follow what is happening on the farm.

Lendrum Ross Farm

Our free-range goats produce milk which we distribute weekly. Our certified organic vegetables are grown in the soil enriched by the goat manure and are available at the Fireweed Community market and other local outlets.

Sarah's Harvest

Fresh produce grown near Lake Laberge!

Sunnyside Farm

Sunnyside Farm is a small family farm located in the Ibex Valley, 15 minutes west of Whitehorse, Yukon. We offer small quantities of eggs, poultry, flour, vegetables, and herbs for sale to local customers. Our goal is to provide food that is grown or raised sustainably and is affordable to our customers. Sunnyside Farm does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on it’s produce and we do not use GMO seeds. We also believe in a business model that supports other local farmers and agri-business as much as possible.

Wandering Bison

I created this company to help provide people with meals made from ingredients everyone can pronounce, a focus on local flavours and a desire to share my love of connecting to everyone and everything through the food we eat.